Community History

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

In year 1907, an area was covered with thick forest and an abundant growth of “Biga” plants along the creek side. The Subanens who settled at the site then called this place "Bigaan."

One day, a Christian trader named Gregorio or "Gorio‟ from Migkanamay, Tangub, came and observed this place to be good for farming, so he brought his lovely wife and dwelt in the area. The couple was very kind to the Subanens. They shared to the them whatever they had, such as salt, farm tools, medicines and clothing. In return for their kindness, the Subanen respected and embraced them as brother and sister.

After about a year, Gregorio died of malaria, which was rampant in the area at that time. He was then buried at the riverside. He was followed by his beloved wife Epifania who was buried beside his grave, just a year after his death. The Subanens were grieved to their hearts and missed their good friends so much, so they decided to rename the place from “Bigaan” to “Guripan,” in loving memory of Gorio their brother.

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